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national captioning institute in as little as half an hour from now casey anthony could be set free from an orlando jail. her " is one of the most controversial verdicts in -- her acquittal is one of the most
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controversial verdicts in a long time. >> we, the jury, find the defendant not guilty. >> she will be a free woman in today's. the foreman says that the not guilty verdict was an agonizing choice. >> it was very hard. i had the sheats and from me and my heart was beating a thousand times a minute. it was very emotional. everyone was silent. the evidence was not there. we had this overwhelming sense that we may have let people down. >> when your final able to watch tv and you found out that she was getting out on sunday how did you feel? >> i was shocked. i thought it would be longer. it is a shame. it really is. >> and how did he feel about the 31 days of partying? >> there were terrible. if we could have punished her for that we would have done it. we would have loved to have done it for the actions she portrayed
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afterwards. >> she was proven to be a liar. was it such a reached to think she was lying about her whole story about the swimming pool? >> that is a possibility. it is. that is a major gray area for us. there are some possibilities there. >> juror number 12 had to quit her job and flee the state in fear. >> she would do my laundry and to come back -- >> she did your laundry? >> yes. she even called my and aware. >> a den mother. >> yes. what people need to realize is that, in each night that we were coming home, we were not coming back and cooking a meal and hanging up with their families. we were going to a hotel room. we were taking in everything that was given to us of that day. >> and the comparison to other
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budget to that other famous not guilty verdict? >> -- and the comparison to that other famous not guilty verdict? >> i remember that. >> he says he refused to look at casey when the verdict was read. you knew that it would upset a lot people. >> absolutely. i did. >> and you knew your verdict would have the opposite effect on casey. is that which you did not want to see? >> yes. >> there is a report that she has been offered over $1 million to tell her story. >> to me, that is -- i find that modifying. >> are you surprised the she took an offer to tell her story? >> no. >> on the one, when we first met you, you said she was probably guilty. after all of the evidence and instructions legally, you knew that was not possible. >> i think she played a hand and
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something. we just cannot know what, whether it was a cover-up or whether it was an act. >> what you think of casey anthony? >> i never want to see her ever again. >> if you run into her what will you say? >> i will not say anything. i will walk away. >> she is scheduled to be released on sunday. officials are not releasing the exact time. the phone hacking scandal continues to plague media mogul rupert murdoch. he ran a full-page ad in all the major british newspapers today apology for his reporter's actions. he is preparing to testify in front of the u.k. parliament this week. >> the apology was written and signed by rupert murdoch himself. "we are sorry," it said. murdoch does not usually do apologies, but not everyone is convinced.
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>> although he has convinced his -- he has expressed his regret, i think it may be false. >> true or false, it is controlled. rebecca brooks the head of his newspaper business and hinton, his right hand man in the u.s., worked in london at the time of the phone hacking. on sunday, rupert murdoch and his son james will be called into a very public hearing in front of the british parliamentary. >> what they ought to be concerned about is whether the american public gets engaged. if that happens then you will start writing obituaries. -- writing news corp. obituaries. >> this is not about the uk
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news scandal and more. this strikes at the heart of the media empire. >> the independent committee which oversees the editorial integrity of the wall street journal, which is also owned by murdoch, says it sees no evidence of wrongdoing at the journal or at its parent company dow jones. he will work case special counsel at the d.c. firm. people -- he will be working on malpractice cases. montgomery county is considering issuing a curfew for young people. >> ask parents whether montgomery county needs a curfew. >> they should have a curfew. kids get crazy after some time. >> they are vulnerable and they will be upset. >> montgomery county is considering a curfew with some
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exceptions. kids under 18 would have to be home by 11:00 p.m. monday through thursday. >> they should not be out past midnight probably if they are that young anyway. >> i not know maybe a harry potter movie? >> gang members took metro from d.c. and prince george's county who do have curfews. a 17-year-old girl was stabbed. >> you have conflicting gangs coming here because they think this is an ok place to be. sooner or later, worst stuff will happen. >> but they are worried that a curfew may unfairly penalize the kids who are good and just want to hang out. but many agree. >> i am against that. i am one of those kids that is out at those times and not doing anything bad. >> you just want to sit and eat and talk and you can do that forever. >> hang out.
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>> yes, just hang out. >> there will be a public hearing two weeks from today on the 26th. but the council will not take a final vote until sometime this fall. do you think yourself phone bill is too high? you're not alone. d.c. and maryland have the highest wireless fees in the nation. maryland ranks 17th at 17%. fees in virginia are 4% below the national average at 11.6%. it is not clear why there is a difference in each state. a whole new look is coming to the metro plaza. they will be making over the area between clemson and boulevard. there will have tables and chairs and have covered bybicycle
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parking. to see all the pictures of the new design, you can do to. -- you can go to a unique program helps the rights of our nation's military. -- helps the bride'ss of our nation's military. a beautiful night ahead. get ready. the heat, the uni ♪ ♪ [ woman ]
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sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ ♪ he even hangs out with the camp rector. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your r story? citi can help you write it.
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the cost of throwing a wedding can be averages, especially for the prize of fiance's who are overseas. -- especially for the brides whose fiancee s are overseas. >> it is really exciting, but that is finally happening. >> she will be marrying her childhood sweetheart and it will cost for nothing. it is being provided for her by marriages across america. >> i do not feel like i deserve recognition, but it is nice to be honored and feel special because of what he is doing for our country.
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>> brides across america began in 2007. they gave away 50 dresses. since then, 6000 cows have been donated to military brides. >>this bride will be honored because she has served overseas. she just returned from afghanistan last week. >> i am proud to serve. but it is nice to know that people out there care. >> close to 100 dresses will be given out in today's upper marlboro. >> i am a business owner. they're giving me that freedom. this is just a little way to say thank you. >> this special day and the address make it feel like her fiancee will be home soon.
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>> i am happy and i could not ask for anything more. we will look at the highly anticipated haire reporter phone.
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bracing for a heat wave. >> it is the, for the heat -- is the calm before the heat.
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what a beautiful moonrise 20 minutes ago. things are quieting down as we look at annapolis. 86 degrees was the high temperature at reagan national airport. there are the records for you. 104 degrees was set back in 1988. it could drop as much as 56 degrees. we had temperatures in the 50's earlier in the west. the wind is beginning to pick up a little bit. head over to alexandria and is 74 degrees. it made it up to 83 degrees today at children's hospital. the wind is not a problem at all.
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a comfortable night ahead with 73 degrees and charleston, but look at what is going on off to the west. heat advisories and excessive heat warnings are beginning to shape up, especially in illinois wisconsin, and minnesota. all of this heat and humidity will make its way to our area. not only will we feel the difference, but we will see it. it will be hazy outside as we move into wednesday thursday, and friday. the core of the heat is over oklahoma and north texas. it was 101 degrees for the high in dallas. temperatures will be reaching the 100-degree mark as we get into thursday and friday. maryland, tomorrow afternoon could pick up an isolated shower. there will be a better chance for a few showers and thunderstorms for monday. that would be into early tuesday
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as a weak front moves through the area. mainly clear skies and it should be nice and quiet and dry tonight. it will be a before start to our day tomorrow. clouds will increase a the little bit by afternoon. 85 degrees to 90 degrees will be the daytime highs. here is the extended outlook. say it is not so. it will be renear 100 degrees by friday. temperatures could go up to 105 to 180 degrees. >> it sounds like it will be brutal. thank you. the weekend movie
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it is the movie fans have been waiting for. so what did art campbell see? >> "harry potter and the deathly hallows apart to" picked up exactly where the series left off. they are on their >> to find the things necessary to rid their world -- they are on their quest to find the things necessary to rid their world of evil. >> the boy who lived -- come to
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die. >> harry potter is final showdown with lord baltimorevoldemort. >> set this bloody place on fire. >> daniel radcliffe and the others had with what it takes. >> does anyone in here have any knowledge of mr. potter's moments this evening? i would like them to step forward. >> it concludes the most successful film franchise in history. fans literally grew up with this series. >> i am sorry that is off the -- that is over. i grew up with harry potter movies. >> they screamed at the offical d.c. premier.
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>> that is a good question, how do you follow it? perhaps downward. >> it is worth all of all stars a grand finale to a grand series. here is the weekend movie guide. four stars for harry potter. "midnight in paris" got four stars. "larry crown" almost got four stars. a couple and a half stars for "bad teacher." i hope you have a great weekend everybody. i am arch campbell ♪ ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates and how he signs up for every activity.

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